Frame drilling machine


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This machine drills holes at programmable intervals in perpendicular faces of stock material to create frames.  It is designed to accommodate 20mm to 80mm wide material and equipped with ER16 collets from 1 to 10mm for securely mounting drill bits. All linear motion is accomplished with precision ground steel rails and long lasting recirculating ball bearings.  Spindles are ball screw actuated, while the largest linear axis is driven via rack and pinion.  All three axes are driven by stepper motors in an open loop configuration with limit switches.  The drilling and clamping systems are independently adjustable.  Clamps are air actuated and controlled via a pneumatic solenoid valve.  This allows for a significant amount of force to be applied to the material stock in the direction of the backstop, in order to register challenging materials firmly for machining.

Spindles can be easily swapped for a range of available sizes and speeds to suit unique material handling needs.

Currently pre-order only, expected to ship by Dec 25.

Specifications subject to change.  All parts modular and reusable.

CAD and assembly documentation coming soon.

Parts included:

  • 54x M4 insert nuts
  • 2x M4x25 bolts
  • 60x M4x10 bolts
  • 4x M3x10 bolts
  • 8x M3x20 bolts
  • 59x M5x8 bolts
  • 55x M5 insert nuts
  • 8 M4 washers
  • 8x motor bracket mounting screws
  • 4x motor mount screws
  • 8x m4 mounting screws
  • 2x 4mm OD x 100mm air hose
  • 8x 500mm x 4mm OD air hose
  • 4x 600mm x 4mm OD air hose
  • 4x TN10x50 air cylinders
  • 8x PC4-M5 push fittings
  • 1x 1/4 NPT -> 4mm push fitting
  • 1x 1/2 NPT -> 4mm push fitting
  • 1x 2 way pneumatic manifold
  • 2x flexible coolant nozzles
  • 4x 15 unit (300mm) 20mm frames
  • 2x 2020 extrusion 200mm
  • 1x 2080 extrusion 1500mm
  • 2x 400mm C Beam
  • 2x 100mm 2020 Frame
  • 1x 4 unit (80mm) 2020 frame
  • 4x 2040 brackets
  • 3x Y push fitttings
  • 3x T push fittings
  • 1x pneumatic valve
  • 1x pressure regulator and bracket
  • 1x pressure gage
  • 8x rubber feet
  • 15x sharp angle brackets
  • 2x 775 motors
  • 2x 775 motor brackets
  • 2x linear axis assemblies
  • 2x openbuilds double carriage plates
  • 4x wago connectors
  • 12x ferrules
  • 4x spade receptical connectors
  • 3x cable ties
  • 4x insert right-angle brackets
  • 2x triangle plates
  • 1x NEMA17 motor mount
  • 1x NEMA17 motor
  • 1x pinion gear
  • 1x power supply 500W 24v
  • 1x Electronics kit
  • 2x 1500mm linear rails
  • 4x linear bearings
  • 3x 0.5m rack inserts
  • 2x ER16 collet sets
  • 4x slider pads
  • 1x 1M 20x10mm cable chain
  • 1x 5mm to 5mm rigid coupler
  • 1x 5x25mm steel rod

Recommended tools

  • Wrenches for M3, M4, M5 bolts, 1/2 inch fittings
  • Wire strippers
  • Crimping pliers
  • Drill / 4.2mm drill bit / m5 tap


  • 4x drilling hole in aluminum
  • 4x tapping M5 hole in aluminum
  • 8x remove protective cap
  • 15x apply teflon tape to fitting
  • 15x install fitting
  • 8x drill frame
  • 12x measure + cut tube
  • 16x crimping
  • 16x wire stripping
  • 62x reusing / recycling

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 1500 × 160 × 80 mm

1.5m, 3m